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The Empathic Computer – A New VINT Research Report

Michiel Boreel
March 12, 2014

2 thoughts on “The Empathic Computer – A New VINT Research Report

  1. In my opinion ‘calm’ technology isnt a fysical signal that can be seen or heard by others.
    It should only be ‘heard’ or ‘seen’ by you. The devices should be connected to one of your sences or just directly to your brain. The signal could be something just like a real life signal you can get. Something like a feeling of forgetting or reminding something. You know what i mean ? For example: In case of the rain and umbrella. Your brain picks up the signal from the internet that it has a great chance of rain today so it reminds you to take out the umbrella from you car when you leave your car.
    Or in my case, on monday if I leave my home i will get a signal that i forgot my wallet/laptop/phone/keys/ or whatever 🙂 The car will sent a notification to me if it doenst detect them.
    Oh and i cant wait for tomorrow !

    1. Hi Jos,
      I agree with what you say. Calm Technology is first and foremost a design philosophy where people should be interrupted only when it is absolutely necessary. It is about creating smart filters before a notification in any form Will be send out.

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