Thoughts on disruption from an integration perspective

A while ago I attended the Integrate conference in London, it then struck me that even in the integration area there is disruption.

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The technology landscape disruption

We are introduced to new ways to connect APIs, B2B – integration at almost all levels. Not only by using new products, features and services, but also by simplifying development and shortening the development cycle. Partners and customer presenting examples of how to use products and services disrupting or simply changing their business.

We are all in the same boat

We are all experiencing the same situation from different point of views. As an IT professional and consultant, I’m almost overwhelmed by the fast evolution of technology and services.
I know that our customers are struggling to keep up with evolution, in many cases relying on technology partners and vendors like myself.
Even the product team at Microsoft admits there are challenges in the pace of change.

The human nature problem

Deep in our soul’s people don’t like change. Change is often difficult and takes time. We need to say yes and figure out how to cope with change along the way.

“In theory, theory and practice are the same thing. In practice, they aren’t.”
Albert Einstein

To achieve disruption and change we need to get out of our comfort zone. Experiment!
Innovation and disruption may take different forms.

  • It might be new technology or services
  • It might be existing technology applied to solve new problems/needs
  • It might be pain points identified and eliminated/reduced

Find your edge, something that adds value for your business. Think outside of the box!

The way to future success

  • Find out what you want/need
  • Find out how new technology works and how to benefit from it
  • Keep track of opponents and what they are doing
  • Find a trusted partner with in-depth knowledge of existing and emerging technologies

To sum up, we all need to adopt disruption to achieve innovation, other companies and competitors are!

Happy disruption!

Liselotte Ortlund


Liselotte started her professional life as a truck driver, I became interested in technology and mechanics in my early teens. But it was not until her late twenties that she started studying computer science, which was the best choice of her life!

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