Digital convergence requires transformation and omnichannel solutions


digital convergenceA significant shift of digital focus has happened in just the last few months. Not long ago we found that customers were busy catching up in the mobile channel.

Most companies had then already implemented business critical features on external and internal web sites, and were now challenged to catch up with responsive web design-enabled sites and native apps.

Today, the scope is clearly broadened. Instead of discussing “mobile strategy” internally in smaller focus groups and planning the next app project, executive leadership in companies aims for the ultimate digital goal: a truly consistent experience across all channels of interaction. This means that the goal should be to provide the user, regardless of whether the user is a customer, partner or employee, with a connected and consistent set of features across both physical channels (such as stores and offices) and digital channels (such as PCs, phones, tablets and wearables). The user experience should support even moving from one channel to another while having the solution aware of all previous actions in other channels. In other words, today the goal is true digital convergence.

The two most critical focus areas that must be in place to succeed with achieving a true digital convergence are:

  1. Digital transformation management – This is the execution of actions relating to intensifying digital leverage and doing so in an organized manner.
  2. Omnichannel solution architecture – This is digital enabler of having features and information available across all channels.

Andreas1Digital transformation management involves leveraging customer experience opportunities, process optimizations and new business model implementations.

Omnichannel solution architecture is what makes it possible to pull data from internal and external sources, and having it flow through any channel. In order to successfully drive both digital transformation management and build an omnichannel solution architecture, you need to quickly establish and empower a cross-organizational “Digital Center of Excellence” with members representing all parts of your business, and have this team take responsibility to achieving true digital convergence.

Andreas2We are just at the brink of the next generation of Internet, fueled by the Internet of Things, wearables and embedded senors everywhere. The winners will be the companies that meet this future with a vibrant digital transformation program and a solid omnichannel solution architecture… and their customers, employees and partners.

Andreas Sjöström


Andreas Sjöström is Sogeti’s Global Mobility Practice Lead. He’s sincerely passionate about new business enabling technology.

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