Webinar: DevOps oriented Test Architecture Model


In this webinar, we will discuss the Test Architecture Model in DevOps and walk you through the holistic planning approach, multi-level automated test process in an IDE/CI/CD development pipeline.

Stephan Schramm


Stephan Schramm is currently working for Robert Bosch projects at Stuttgart in the field of BI/Big Data/Data Lake/SAP environment and Intralogistics/DevOps/Deployment pipelines/in a µ-Service/Jenkins/Docker Architecture-environment. His main topics are currently the modelization of a Quality based Test fixture all along the Production Development process and Deployment pipeline applying a DevOps approach.

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  1. Bob May 23, 2019 Reply

    Good evening Mr Schramm

    your presentation is very interesting. I knw SOGETI for a long time, and used TMAP as my best reference method.
    Now you publish also articles to very contemporary methodologial aspects, which I appreciate very much.
    Do you have your Webinat also in electronic form (pdf / ppt)?

    Thanks for your presentations

    • Stephan Schramm May 23, 2019 Reply

      Hello Bob,
      thanks a lot for your comment and compliments. surely, i like to get in further discussions about Test-automation and DevOps Topics with you. Currently i am working on Carconnect Quality topics that fit also in this solution pattern.

      Happy to hear from you
      Best regards