Design a digital friend, not an enemy

Chatbot, Conversational Agents, Virtual Assistants, more and more digital creations are born on the Internet. These creations are communicating to us and we have an emotional connection with these creations. Is it a good thing that we have a connection with digital creatures? And do we have the power to apply these new technologies in a good way? Do they make us happy? Watch my talk about Digital Friends and let me know how you feel about it:

Watch this video, and other sessions from UXRiga on Vimeo, here.


Chris Arend


Chris is a vibrant professional with thorough knowledge on connecting things. He has an open mindset and go-get mindset and way of working. With this enthusiasm he has been able to move Sogeti NL professionals to get hands on with IoT during the IoT Battle where he was one of the initiators. He lives and breathes innovation around IoT and has had huge influence in shaping solution for clients, most notably a mobile app for an energy company and Tesla. With his interest and expertise of connecting things and people he will drive many IoT and other high impact and visible projects in the future and take our Labs Community steps further along this path.

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