Design a digital friend, not an enemy


Chatbot, Conversational Agents, Virtual Assistants, more and more digital creations are born on the Internet. These creations are communicating to us and we have an emotional connection with these creations. Is it a good thing that we have a connection with digital creatures? And do we have the power to apply these new technologies in a good way? Do they make us happy? Watch my talk about Digital Friends and let me know how you feel about it:

Watch this video, and other sessions from UXRiga on Vimeo, here.


Chris Arend


The vision of Chris is that technology should be supportive and, if possible, in the background. We should not use our energy to adapt (new) technology. Technology should adopt us and should be able to connect with us in a way that we connect to other people. Technology should become our digital friend. This will minimize the negative side effects that we see with technology like social media and smartphones. This will make us happy on a longer term. Conversational solutions are a great tool to service this goal. They are able to speak, see and understand like we do. With chatbots and voicebots, we make a great step forward to an environment where technology adopt our behavior instead of the other way around. Chris is a leader in conversational strategy. He is able to close the gap between new technology and a company's vision. With his technical background, he is able to show the real value of new technology and make it work!

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