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Customers: The humanization of marketing

Sogeti Labs
May 27, 2014

3 thoughts on “Customers: The humanization of marketing

  1. Hi Jaap,
    Thanks for you comment. In my eyes is this sentence more and more true in the future;)

  2. Hi Rick,
    Thanks for this great article! Kotler was and still is a great one (see his views on ‘spiritual’ marketing3.0) but I just live those 4 P’s of Bernadette Jiwa.
    Indeed you start with your Purpose. There is always a story behind it, I call this UnIque Story Purpose. My customers start with that in my 6 month Business Breakthroug Programma for entrepreneurs.Bringing a product to market isn’t enough anymore. Actually it’s never about your service or product but about what your customer believe it is.
    That the next reason I love the P’s of Bernadette Jiwa since she smartly adds the P of perception. The human can only perceive what it beliefs is reality. With good marketing and branding you can influence a customers’ belief. You can do that by adding value through good off- or onilne content and so you, as Bernadette says it, start filling a void in people’s lives.

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