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Current state of test automation (with Vincent Wijnen)

Sogeti Labs
October 04, 2021

It is not a question of what to automate but when to start with test automation. Vincent Wijnen talks with us on the current state of test automation. Products or applications that are (automatically) tested are evolving rapidly. Should test automation evolve just as fast? Before answering this question, Vincent shows us the values of test automation and that it needs to be quantified.

Be sure to check out the current state of test automation in the technology labs podcast! Starting the podcast we always look at some tech updates and in this episode we discuss the take over of MailChimp for $12B. An astonishing amount of money. Is it worth it? New vendors are entering the smart glasses market. Ray-ban, Xiaomi and facebook are busy with this technology. During the podcast Rik even weighs his own glasses to compare it with a smart version. Listen to find out our conclusions!

Intuit to acquire Mailchimp (Intuit Inc. – Intuit to Acquire Mailchimp)

Xiaomi shows off concept smart glasses with MicroLED display (

Ray-ban smart glasses (

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    2 thoughts on “Current state of test automation (with Vincent Wijnen)

    1. In the podcast Vincent Wijnen talks among others about Test Automation (TA) testability in Systems Under Test as being an issue. However, along with object/element recognition image recognition works fine in at least several codeless TA-tools.
      Agreed, TA is an investment in better quality, and teams can let go of test repetitive tasks – unleashing their human energy to develop even more creatively.

      1. Even with good object or element detection I often see misuse of standard object/element implementation in a code environment. This often leads to difficulties with recognition in TA. Testability is also adhering to coding standards and guidelines (providing that the guidelines lead to testable applications:) ).

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