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Technology has always been about hardware and software. We’re coming out of a crucial, multidecade era during which enterprises focused on the two, separately. More recently, though, the importance of transformation—and especially reducing the time-to-value of new systems—is driving a return to thinking about deploying hardware and software together.

Enterprises accrue significant benefits when their IT departments increase their focus on transformation. It’s not just a question of protecting the digital enterprise through high-availability solutions or using powerful analytics to detect and manage security threats. It’s also the idea of empowering the data-driven organization—that is, one that harnesses digital assets and enables data-driven decision-making for higher levels of innovation. Transformation also has a place in enabling workplace productivity while making data and collaboration tools available anywhere, from any device, with no degradation in performance.

These efforts, done in concert, contribute to the transformation to a hybrid infrastructure, one that not only builds the foundation for on-demand capabilities, but also simplifies IT’s ability to both deliver applications and manage them, with easier methods for automation and analysis.

The Components of Transformation

How is this done? It all comes back to hardware and software. Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and Sogeti have teamed up to help drive this transformation, each bringing a key element of its core capabilities.

Microsoft Analytics Platform System (APS) is a turnkey Big Data & Analytics appliance that combines massively parallel processing (MPP) data warehouse technology with HDInsight, Microsoft’s 100% Apache Hadoop distribution. It helps enterprises address any number of structured and unstructured data analysis challenges, no matter where they arise.

Hewlett-Packard contributes its HP ConvergedSystem 300, a state-of-the-art converged architecture combining server, storage and networking technologies in a single enclosure. It’s optimized for high-performance virtualization workloads and can be expanded with onboard storage to create the equivalent of eight servers. It also incorporates management software, virtualization management software, backup software and software for deploying Microsoft SharePoint 2013.

Sogeti brings them both together, not only with years of implementation and analytics experience, but also through insights into how enterprises use data and how they can best benefit from it—no matter what the source is.

What Enterprises Get Now and in the Future

With the consolidated technologies and expertise of these three partners, enterprises will get a payoff immediately and would continue to derive benefits in the future. The first payoff is the fast deployment of an appliance that incorporates integrated software. It’s not quite ‘plug-and-play,’ but it’s as close as you can get to it these days. For enterprises that can’t afford to wait weeks for new systems to be up and running, fast deployment means shorter time-to-value.

The next payoff is the ability to take advantage of Big Data & Analytics. The ability to compile structured and unstructured data from disparate sources and analyze patterns and trends more quickly than ever means that business unit owners can develop insights they have never had before—and have never been able to access so quickly.

In both of these areas, speed begets speed, so the HP ConvergedSystem 300 for APS helps enterprises get into a rhythm of agility and responsiveness.

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