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Four motives of contributing in Tech events

Sogeti Labs
January 11, 2019

While working and engaging with the Microsoft community tech events for the last 3-4 years, I have realized and experienced the importance of the contribution, and it is so influential that once we get into it with right intention, you would come out as an improved person professionally and personally than earlier, while on the other hand there is a big hidden myth that – “Technical community work is a business for the giant company” and therefore it prompted me to write this blog post. While every organization is looking for their best output, then considering inside/outside technical community contribution is obviously a wiser option to allow employees to grow and be motivated and create more experts or leaders for the organization and even for the society, and here are some couple of strengthening points why you have nothing to lose whether you contribute or attend technical community events:

  You know who your real Heroes are: I had attended and contributed to the first event at SPS Dubai in 2016, where surprisingly, I met many SharePoint Experts who were well-known MVPs and community leaders and it was so rewarding to connect and learn from them. Certainly, connecting online and offline is a huge difference for sure! Although you cannot see your favorite technical experts in every event/conference, chances are high to get connected/linked through the that. I remember, the selfies which I captured with many well-known SharePoint MVPs at first technical event and that was really a happening moment while learning excitement was the default process. Also, I was fortunate to meet few leaders personally whom I have been interacting through social media which could never happen without being at conferences and from there, I have gained more knowledge about SharePoint conferences happening all over the world which has increased chances to connect with other SharePoint Heroes across the globe.

You learn about the possible solutions: The first and foremost purpose of attending the conference/event is increasing your learning curve in your area of technology interests. While everything is googleable, but what you see live is not! what you feel with people in live is not ! and therefore to learn more and get inspired about what you are learning day to day at work is paramount to stand apart. You not only learn about current trends through different sessions delivered by your favorite speakers but also you solve your doubts by directly speaking with them and you can emerge more possible solutions out of it which would eventually helpful to your business. I could gather a good amount of knowledge around Microsoft stack by attending the conference, because as an adult we are not really motivated to open the book and study which could only give you knowledge on a specific topic at one go, yes technical events are just more than a Book. You get a lot of items in your basket while returning.

You create more about yourself: By connecting with like-minded people throughout the events, you get motivated to be active in your industry and that way you develop your image as an expert eventually and you know what customers are looking for? And therefore, you should never miss such valuable opportunities that help you to create more about yourself. And I assure you, at the end of the event, the satisfaction you get is much more than reading a blog or watching YouTube videos online, you learn to get out of your comfort zone and keep the flame alive in you to learn more about yourself and technology. I know when I have attended the first SharePoint conference in the US, I was not sure, how it will go, but trust me the connections, knowledge, and experience I have gained was fulfilling the efforts that lead to experiment more ideas in future.

You celebrate and have fun: Technical community events are having good times with the set of minds sharing the same interests. Through various fun sessions or get-together, you get a chance to strengthen your bonds with speakers and attendees, and while doing that you may win the prizes and swags arranged by events too. Those fun hours are a combination of collective knowledge, drinks or snacks, and festivity of being together. Therefore, never underestimate the power of this fun factors you get alongside learning and networking. And, just like collecting medals at marathon events, I like getting t-shirts/stickers from the various events which is nothing but the memories you can cherish later.

While business is a tradition that anyone must follow within the professional boundaries/framework, community events are not! It welcomes constructive ideas and people which is helpful towards technical community empowerment no matter what your titles are, you are free to jump. You always get a new perspective, information, new connections, and positivism. Yes, you would lose nothing in sharing and contributing at events – so get ready to create more value about yourself

Please have a look here to know further information about Tech Community events happening across the globe where you are interested in.


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