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The Chinese Answer To Oculus Rift

Sogeti Labs
May 19, 2014

VR headset Oculus Rift have been building momentum for some time now and have seen positive reception pretty much anywhere. Now the Chinese are joining the game of VR glasses using kickstarter. And this is a interesting project as well, with some interesting features. First off the device is called ANTVR and thanks to a internal 9-axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) it can track head rotation and movements which allows the headset to immerse it’s users. Another interesting feature is the unique transformable remote controller that can be used as a gamepad, light saber, gun and joystick. You can use it to play FPS/TPS/FLY/ACT/RAC and many other kinds of  games. Another build-in 9-axis IMU of the controller makes this possible. 7b85e089f617b72633663fa49f3caaa8_large Also it promised to work with the mainstream platforms including PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Android devices. All you need is a standard HDMI signal to use the headset as your private huge screen. A lot of people who used an Oculus Rift tend to lose their orientation. So tackle this problem they created a visor-like window on the lower portion of the headset to allow users a quick view of the outside environment without having to remove the headset. Check out the video and head over here if you want to back this project

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