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Build a security-first culture across the business

Clemens Reijnen
August 12, 2021

Developing a security community in your enterprise improves buy-in across the organization and energizes employees.

The paper 6 tips to integrate security into your DevOps practices advocates integrating your security team with the existing DevOps team to create DevSecOps. In a series of blog posts, we’re giving you a flavor of all 6 tips, including: Tip 1: Build a security-first culture across the business.

Culture is key

Culture is the most crucial part of the adoption process. Thus, it is recommended to start with people, move to processes, and then support it with technology. Heavy investment in technology fails if your people have no interest in adoption. It requires a cultural shift for people to consistently practice a security mindset. DevSecOps is based on a shared security model, wherein teams need to collaborate. In this model, security is not viewed as any one team’s responsibility, but as a collective.

Training efforts revisited

Training is crucial for everyone in your DevSecOps team to understand not only their role, but also how it intersects with other responsibilities on the team. Through cross-team knowledge sharing, the hope is for everyone to raise their security awareness through early adoption of the Security Champion Model. The champion is nominated or chosen from the team and becomes the voice of security for the team.

A community to keep the mindset alive

Just training your people and starting a culture is not enough. Long-lasting success means cultivating a vibrant and energetic community of people through adopting InnerSource best practices, where teams share and adopt ready-to-use reference architectures, code, and common components to streamline and optimize their workstreams.

Download the white paper 6 tips to integrate security into your DevOps practices.

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