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Blockchain: The Missing Link to Multi-Billion Secure Connections

Sogeti Labs
April 23, 2015

2 thoughts on “Blockchain: The Missing Link to Multi-Billion Secure Connections

  1. Hello Jaap. interesting … My understanding is that based on peer to peer network. Bitcoin or Certcoin could be a solution for impoving security transaction. Ar you including te concept Systems of Systems ? and how to manage this complexity? Are we ready to do so ?

  2. Jacques,
    You speak from my heart!
    S2S complexity truly will pose a formidable challenge. The learning, development and adoption curve from here seems insurmountible. Experience, however, tells us that we will partially climb, and then circumvent all obstacles ahead. Still, we need (semi-)mathematically assured “functions” to take care of this. Your solutions, dear Jacques, are definitely pointing in the right direction. Grtz, Jaap

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