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Big Data: Privacy, Technology and the Law [Download]

Sogeti Labs
May 27, 2013

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To organizations, the Big Data opportunities are ubiquitous. But consumers and citizens are often kept in the dark on what organizations are doing with their data. He or she feels that privacy is being invaded – and so it is, of course – and experiences Big Data as one Big Trick. This third Big Data research report, Privacy, Technology and the Law, addresses this tension. There is not a more adequate way of putting it than Meglena Kuneva, E.U. Commissioner for consumer protection, did:
“Personal information is the new oil of the Internet and the new currency of the digital world.”
Ms Kuneva outlined the situation as follows: “The boom in terms of volume of all the collected personal data and its use for commercial purposes is one of the most important and controversial issues in the rapidly changing world of digital communication.” The development of Big Data and its applications emphasizes the urgency of an effective approach. And this urgency will become even bigger as new technologies like quadrocopters, digital tattoos and Google Glasses hit the market. With all the widespread complexity and doubt, it is becoming more and more manifest that only a concrete and integral Privacy by Design approach can provide a solution. But due to the unending series of privacy breaches, anxiety and distrust will continue to dominate. Read the seven basic principles for organizations on how to operationalize Privacy by Design in our new report. We would also appreciate it if you used the share buttons: it will send a Twitter or LinkedIn status update (that you can edit if you like) saying you just downloaded the report and it also adds a downloadlink for your followers.       

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