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The benefits of M2M in IoT – Machine Interaction as the basis of Speed and Intelligence [Download]

Sogeti Labs
June 25, 2014

Click on the cover to download
Click on the cover to download
The leading paradigm in every automation is the limitation of human intervention as a result of tasks being assigned to machines, appliances and systems. In our era of micro-electronics, sensors and actuators, and fixed and wireless networks, M2M is the apt term: Machine-to-Machine communication. This digital interaction between and within machines and systems is the cyber-physical heart of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. M2M applications can be directed toward individuals, companies, communities and organizations in public and private sectors. The following diagram shows ten common application areas with examples of service provision in various sectors: M2MIn addition to industrial processes, M2M thus applies to business processes and, in fact, to all types of process where digitally networked, functional ‘things’ play a role. The process chains in question may be large or small, simple or complex, and may function in traditional or innovative associations or within industrial production lines. Via maintenance and software upgrades, these M2M applications are directly involved in interaction between professional and private customers and end users, covering, for example, fleet management, vending automatons, smart meters, medical equipment and solar panels. Read all about the M2M revolution, the integration of Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) that is accelerated by the Internet of Things in the new report by VINT and Sogeti High-tech: The Fourth Industrial Revolution Things to Tighten the Link between IT and OT. Download in English button-pdf1   Download in Dutch button-pdf1  

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