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[Whitepaper] Azure Analytics: Making organizations future ready

Nilesh Gupte
May 17, 2019

Organizations today need to be compliant with local and global laws, ensuring client data is secured and meets legal terms and standards. Failure in any of these aspects may lead to financial losses and may have legal repercussions.

Many organizations are moving their IT landscape from on-Premises to cloud-based services, with multiple service models like IaaS, Paas, and Saas. Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud solution platforms catering to 95% of Fortune 500 organizations. The platform provides reports per section based on user login and pre-defined configurations implemented by Azure experts. However, it lacks in providing a single dashboard reporting solution for any organization’s leaders.

Azure reports are required to be configured, automated and can be seen only by technical stakeholders or those who have pre-defined accounts and have landscape access, which in a practical scenario cannot be granted to leaders.

Jobs of key decision makers like Chief Information Officer, Chief Security Officer, and Chief Risk Officer have become more challenging. There is a great opportunity in automating a single dashboard-based solution which will help the leaders gain landscape insights and improve faster decision making.

Download the whitepaper to know more.

About the author

Senior Manager | India
Nilesh is a Senior Manager in Sogeti India, Microsoft Practice. He serves as SharePoint Architect. He has helped clients to digitize their workplace and has participated in Discovery analysis, migration, custom development, designing and architecting projects in the Collaboration domain. Nilesh is TOGAF 9 Certified and has 14+ years of experience in Consulting, Solution Architecture, Development.


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