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AWS VS Azure VS Google – Cloud Comparison

Sogeti Labs
February 01, 2021

Being the contemporary cloud giants of the 21st century, AWS, AZURE, and GCP have a lot to offer. While AWS has years of experience backing it up, GCP seems to be the prodigy of cloud-based programming, providing limited but premium services. AZURE is smacked right in the middle, boasting remarkable performance second only to AWS.

This article takes an in-depth look at these three giants and provides useful insight into how one is better than the other.

Amazon Web Services(AWS)

Being the oldest of the bunch, AWS started its journey in 2006. Is offers an extensive list of computing services with functions such as database management, storage & security, deployment, mobile networking, the list goes on. 

Amazon also has the most AWS also has the most number of data zones out the three. Availability zones are isolated regions where public cloud services originate and operate.

More zones mean you have access to a lot of resources you handle your work. you depending on your business, you require 1 or maybe 10, however, the more the merrier. They have 55 of these zones up and running with another 8 on the way.

In terms of share market, currently the scales are tipped towards AWS while the others(AZURE & GCP) have respectable shares but are still behind by a lot. Most of the fortune 500 companies that are interested in could technology have invested in one of the three giants.


AZURE has access to 44 availability zones worldwide with 12 more on the way. though Microsoft was a tad bit late entering the race, they have expanded greatly in the short period and successfully managed to compete against the giant of an AWS.

AWS offers 200+ services compared to AZURE’s 100+ services. Nonetheless, what they offer is more than enough to handle the tasks of any typical company. So it is possible to conclude that they are on the right track.

However AZURE can easily integrate with Microsoft tools, providing a lag-free and unhindered experience. Even in terms of development, AZURE ranks number 1 in the cloud service list. It’s a nice service that’s been gaining a lot of attention, you might as well give it a try.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Being the new fish, Google has kicked everything into the third dimension. Though it lacks the resources thanks to its late entry into the market, they are making up for it in terms of sheer features.

Google Cloud Platform has a total of 18 availability zones with 3 more on the way. Compared to AWS and AZURE it also offers fewer services and functionality. However, GCP has shown promising development.

In 2014 both AWS and AZURE faced a downtime of 2 hours and 39 hours respectively. Google on the hands was down only for a few minutes. This can be credited to a low workload, but given its growth worldwide in such a short time, GCP might take the lead in no time.

All of the above cloud-based platforms are good at they do, with minor niche setbacks in some areas. There aren’t any good or bad service providers. You got to choose as per your requirements. However, Google is offering the cheapest long term rates. And though its services, it shows a great promise of growth in the coming years.

Below is the detailed comparison between the three cloud computing giants.

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