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Automatic for the people

Sogeti Labs
November 14, 2014

3 thoughts on “Automatic for the people

  1. Hi Tuomas,
    I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment here, which is why we have been creating software in my business for over a decade for businesses from local mechanical specialists to global fashion retailers, medical businesses, financial giants and even government.
    The thing is the article is a little general. Tell me more about specific use-cases, using databases to save time entering repetitive information, implementing standards compliance SW etc and I think it might encourage more engagement. Lovely article, a little short…

  2. Hi Lewis,
    I agree that the article is general, I guess I just tried to awaken the sentiment of “why not automate your redundant tasks” but your idea of describing more specific use cases is great! I’ll tackle these in my future posts.

  3. Higher wages, less redundancy can help to grow alternative industries like leisure, publishing, leisure sports.
    Fewer workers and broader activites more likely to build shared prosperity and high quality of life than the same mice chasing the same piece of cheese that isn’t large enough to feed all.

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