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Ambient Intelligence or Digital Aura – The Augmented People

Sogeti Labs
March 10, 2015

2 thoughts on “Ambient Intelligence or Digital Aura – The Augmented People

  1. Your title is somewhat misleading. It sounds as if you actually talk about what technology can do to support people, as it is surrounding us, but in your blog post you digress in the usual utopia about how great technology is to make our processes more effective. There is a contradiction there as the more we move away from talking about real people and how actual people might use technology to advance concepts and ideas related to their lives, towards how their data might do this, most of the value for human beings is lost. We move from harnessing what knowledgeable others have to offer to us, which I like to call wisdom as it involves meaning making, to what the noise generated by tech companies offer, distilled from data, which in my view is far inferior than the former.

    1. Hello, Thank you for your comment. I do understand your point, but when I talk about technology and the way that can help, it’s not utopia. I would like just to stress on the way that for example shows how to drive digital inclusion thanks to technology and all opportunities around for people.
      Moreover, when I insist on new business rules or services that could be in traditional economy or in a sustainable way using Co-innovation, Co-creation and new ecosystem. Improving processes within an organization or changing the process using disruptive way of thinking is also a solution to pay attention to human being values and behaviors. I am not so pessimistic.

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