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All hacked already!

Sogeti Labs
June 20, 2013

EdouardJeansonThere are no more spaces in our lives that are not filled with information technologies, whether it is on billboards, in our cars or in the metro, at work, to fly a plane or produce electricity and even in our pockets through your mobile phone. It has thus become increasingly tempting for an assaillant, be it a group of hacktivists, criminals or a state (19% of the attacks) to use the information technology weapon to impact our daily lives, induce disturbance or access sensitive data. 75% of these attacks are opportunistic and motivated by lure of gain. Unfortunately, it is just a matter of time and opportunity before a pirate takes advantage of the weaknesses that are inherent in any technology our devices rely on. Actually, significant new attacks are brought to light everyday in the press, “69% of which were identified by a third party and 9% by a client” (source: Verizon). And we should all be aware this is just the tip of the iceberg as many companies would rather not communicate on this topic.

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