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Agile (testing) – the final solution?

Sogeti Labs
February 13, 2014

2 thoughts on “Agile (testing) – the final solution?

  1. Hi Gro,
    Nice read, some good examples on how Agile/Scrum are implemented in organisations. The problem you have up in the Nordics are almost the same over here. If you like it i could email some practical tips on how you could improve agile teams. I see some typical mistakes that are made in alot of new agile teams.
    I totaly agree on how the product owner role, which is a very very important one could use some more focus. Most of the time they do get the responsibilty’s but not the mandate to act. And the organisation should get more aquinted with the agile approach and what it really means for the organisation.

    1. Hello Jos,
      Yes, thank you. Let us discuss this. It is quite “easy” to point out problems, it is a bit more challenging to find good solutions. We also have experience from projects we can share with you.

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