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Adopting Innovation within IT organizations – AIDE (Artificial Intelligence Driven Environment)

Sogeti Labs
March 01, 2016

4 thoughts on “Adopting Innovation within IT organizations – AIDE (Artificial Intelligence Driven Environment)

    1. Thanks piyush for the links. I was aware of the Ignio news and your links provide good first level insight into it

  1. Good Thoughts! However, whether we use the terms Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Digitisation => it ultimately is all about evolution => optimising the way we work, and, making the processes more efficient and effective. Sadly, it does come at a cost of cutting jobs => but that could also mean encouraging thought leadership amongst the people in the long run and enabling people with an environment involving better quality work 🙂

  2. Capgemini is also working in this space will little more seriousness. Since article covers the aspect of using automation and AI for internal efficiency and competitiveness, I would like to bring to notice that as of January 1 2016, Group Competitiveness has been constituted as a new Central Department with the objectives to enhance quality of service, reduce production costs and establish one or several industrial platforms, while preserving the Group capacity to differentiate.

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