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A Wearable Web Is Near

Sogeti Labs
June 04, 2013

Everyday objects, like smartphones, watches and glasses will be connected to the internet. But will for example Google Glass really be such a massive selling product as some people think it will be? BI Intelligence, a provider of in-depth insights in the mobile industry, has done a forecast on Google Glass sales.

“We expect that Google Glass will go mainstream within a few years, as the price drops and the design begins to resemble normal eyewear. While detractors carp about privacy and its current goofy appearance, we believe Glass will improve its user experience and draw in users with amazing apps that leverage augmented reality.” “We provide high, mid and low-range sales estimates that could result based on a number of factors, including price. On the high side, we believe Google Glass will sell 21 million units annually by 2018.”
These are quotes from the comprehensive research report that forecasts the future market for Google Glass. See BI’s Tony Danova’s Google Glass forecast slides here. BI Intelligence predicts that the sales will explode between 2016 and 2017. After that, at 2018 there will be 21.148.611 sold Google glasses the forecast. Over 485 million of us will be wearing a web-connected watch, camera, eyepiece, pacemaker or other device by 2018, according to ABI Research. With these amount of connected wearable objects we only can conclude: The web is becoming wearable. We wrote about Google Glass before. Here you can read the Google Glass experience of my colleague Thomas van Manen.

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