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A Brain Controlled Drone – Drones and Brain-computer Interfaces team up.

Sogeti Labs
June 06, 2013

Usually, new technologies cross at some point in time. This is also the case in a research project from the University of Minnesota. Drone technology and BCI (brain-computer interface) technology have been racing forward over the past several years and have now joined forces sort of speak. A study published in the Journal of Neural Engineering demonstrates that at least five humans/subjects can steer a quadcopter through some balloon hoops in a gymnasium using just thoughts. Here’s the video: It just about imagining movements and that’s awesome. 64 electrodes measure brain activity, software recognizes occurring patterns and translates these patters into steering actions. Over time, everyone will be able to move stuff with just their brain. This is good news for people who can not speak or move; moving a wheelchair with just their thoughts can help these people tremendously. Outside of the academic context, you can also use a drone to deliver a pizza. And maybe one day, you can a drone to get the pizza for you, by just imagining it. And that might seem totally useless, but it’s also kind of cool.

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