9 graphs on how businesses are using the Internet of Things


Schermafbeelding 2015-01-12 om 09.29.09At VINT wrote extensively about the internet of things. We did four research reports and a lot of blogposts on this topic. The internet of things is also a numbers game; predictions on data volume, connected devices, estimated revenue etc. In this post I want to highlight the business potential for IoT. So have a look at these graph with data from Business Intelligence, the research service from Business Insider.

So what’s on the business agenda when it comes to the internet of things? Early adopters show a clear focus on customer services, followed by increasing single product revenue and efficiency optimization.

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Innovation and making the shift from a product-driven company to a service-driven company are on top of the list on what business leaders expect from the IoT

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A important driver for this to happen is the continuing falling prices of IoT sensors

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For now security and legacy systems seem to be the biggest roadblocks for the IoT

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With smart homes and cars being the biggest IoT trends for consumers, devices for business applications will take over half of the IoT world by 2018

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At the end of the decade will have invested near a quarter of trillion dollars in IoT, mostly in software.

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As we argued on our reports as well, efficiency is a main business IoT-enabled benefit.

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Logistics are early adopters

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Business executives want the IoT to help them manages plants, property and equipment

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