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360 View of the Customer – A Big Data Use Case

Sogeti Labs
October 31, 2013

Infographics sometimes badly need explanation. A picture may save a thousand words of triggering but when you are captured a wealth of information is needed to really grasp the meaning. Recently, I stumbled upon such an example which is certainly worth sharing, an IBM Big Data use case: The Struggle Most of the time, companies are struggling to find the right information across scattered information sources. This drains the productivity of customer-facing professionals and it frustrates customers. To be able to obtain a truly 360 view of the customer you need this combination of Big Data, master data management and analytics. This triad allows you to extract insights in real-time and create a trusted view of each customer. This is the way for companies to craft tailor-made exeptional experiences. Big Data Sources The data sources involved are manifold: DBMSes, CRM systems, social media, emails, supply chain and fulfillment systems, customer feedback, call records, transactional systems, and expert advice, to name just a few. Know Your Customer: Individually and as a Whole Failing to meet customers’ growing expectations negatively impacts your bottom line as high-value customers respond with disloyalty and defection. Therefore you need to understand the individual customer. Also you need to understand customers as a whole because without deeper insights by analyzing sentiment, trends and changing needs your business strategy might well be dead in the water. Go the Extra Mile Big Data, master data management and analytics help you to go the extra mile of quickly resolving customer issues, of proactively addressing needs, of initiating upsell and cross-sell dialogs, of adapting recommendations, thereby improving customer experience. This way you will be able to create lasting relationships, to improve loyalty scores, to offer more value than your competitors, to implement effective self-service and to increase customer value. Based on all data sources you can track customer sentiment, predict customer demand, anticipate future behavior, fine-tune products and services and adjust marketing activities. The Infographic (Source: IBM) 360IBMInfographic

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