December 5, 2017

SogetiLabs Webinar | Innovate or Disappear by Olivier Laborde

BY :     December 5, 2017

While GAFAs and unicorns are shaking up our economy and new technologies are proliferating, big companies have no choice but to reinvent themselves and engage their organization in a profound transformation. An uncertain environment, permanent changes, a too expensive operation, a cost compression that reaches its limits, an urbanization that lurks – To survive, companies must innovate. How? Inspired by the way start-ups work, forming partnerships with them, adopting their state of mind or creating a Lab – are different tracks. The LISH method can enable large companies to succeed in their innovation process. An approach based on four founding pillars.

Olivier Laborde, discusses on the idea of a lab to put innovation back at the heart of the business.

Jacques Mezhrahid


Leading the innovation topic for Sogeti France since 2010, Jacques contributes to install a new way of Innovation Management, pushing a mindset based on demonstrating the innovation added value for Sogeti and our clients as well. The first edition of “Insight on innovation” published in 2010 described briefly and pragmatically this new mindset.

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