January 31, 2020, by
Making it simple: The Holy Grail of Dev(All)Ops.

Sometimes it seems like a competition: We talk about Dev(Test)Ops, Dev(Sec)Ops,… and many other forms. All perspectives are necessary together, because they are all aimed at addressing the same objective: focusing on the activities that are needed to be performed iteratively between Development (Dev) and Operations (Ops) in order to (1) ensure the value and (2) reducing the risk of the delivered software.

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January 1, 2020, by
2020: Keep on learning

As the new year starts, many of us have New Year's resolutions, and many of those will eventually perish within a month or two. I don't have any resolutions. The only thing I try to do each year is to learn a new technique or language.

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December 19, 2019, by
World Quality Report: The role of quality assurance in the DevOps model

The role of quality assurance in the DevOps model, and how organizations perceive the role of testing in DevOps projects.

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December 5, 2019, by
Service Virtualisation: The Future of it

Exploring the advantage of service virtualisation deployment in current IT trends.

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December 4, 2019, by
Dev(QA)Ops: The Mount Olympus of the new software delivery civilization

DevOps is the Mount Olympus of the new software delivery civilization. And in the Mount Olympus of Dev(QA)Ops we have also the Twelve Olympians. Let's take a look.

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November 27, 2019, by
Ciphering your Digital Maturity – The DevOps Assessment playbook

In the VUCA world Devops stands out as Disruptive Innovation leader. Assessing the organization Devops maturity through the focus areas and three dimensions - People, Processes and Technology would help organizations get a view where they stand with respect to changing times. Lets take a quick dive into - Devops assessment Playbook.

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October 16, 2019, by
Software Maintainability in the Cloud Era

The shift to cloud, and with that, to PaaS services or low code alternatives like LogicApps push the actual code developers to see and use to the background.

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September 19, 2019, by
Tackling enterprise cloud adoption with a DevOps approach

In this series of blogs, I will discuss how best to accelerate enterprise cloud adoption and maximize the benefits of the cloud.

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September 18, 2019, by
Whitepaper: Azure DevOps – Continuous Integration (CI) for SharePoint Development

This whitepaper provides details to setup Azure DevOps with Continuous Integration (CI) to automate SharePoint Framework builds, unit testing and implementation.

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July 11, 2019, by
DevOps and the road to Nirvana

In Buddhism, Samsara means the endless cycle of death and rebirth. Life is seen as a circle where death is only a gate to rebirth and beginning a new cycle. The Buddhist say that Samsara is suffering. We cycle through this endless path of suffering over and over again. Same cycles repeat until we can’t tell them apart. Feeling like you have already lived this moment. Sound familiar?

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July 9, 2019, by
Multi-domain operations & cross-domain information flow

It is amazing if you think where we have got to in technology over the last few decades, so too in testing. When I started testing in the previous century it was all about squashing bugs during different types of test phases.

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May 27, 2019, by
Webinar: Rise to DevOps – pitfalls and practices from the field

What is DevOps truly and how to make the transition?

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May 13, 2019, by
Webinar: DevOps oriented Test Architecture Model

In this webinar, we will discuss the Test Architecture Model in DevOps and walk you through the holistic planning approach, multi-level automated test process in an IDE/CI/CD development pipeline.

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April 30, 2019, by
DevOps Oriented Test Architecture

Test architecture set up correctly: Practical report on the efficient testing of agile software products with a high degree of automation

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February 22, 2019, by
DevOps: The Death of Testers

The future of testers is in defining and governing quality processes, and in employing technology to industrialize our old, manual ways. This post predicts that DevOps might be the death of testing as we know it.

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February 20, 2019, by
DevOps- what it is and isn’t

As consultants working on DevOps transformations, we often get approached by people who ask me for a DevOps framework or solution that they can take back and implement in their organizations. Personally, I sometimes feel at a loss on how to answer such questions, as different organizations typically have different toolchains and it would not...

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February 15, 2019, by
Pitfalls for DevOps teams

So, what does it actually take to set up a successful team? Of course, you just tell them to, they will do it! It might be as simple as that to you, in my experience just saying something is running DevOps did not necessarily make it so. It’s counter-productive, and more importantly, it does not...

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December 24, 2018, by
Santa DevOps

Santa DevOps Introduction For many of us, Christmas is a time when projects can slow down a little, when we can focus a little on the finer things of life, or at least catch up on the boxsets on Netflix. Not everyone has it easy at this time of the year! For some it’s the...

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November 14, 2018, by
9 Out of 10 Experts Can’t Believe the Most Hated Feature in DevOps

The Good, the Bad and the… *Cough* that’s the clickbait headline out of the way but, I do have a serious point to make, and its one that I think risks defeating many of the good things that DevOps brings to the industry, our customers and their customers. Nevertheless, it needs to be said. We’ve...

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November 13, 2018, by
No More Unwanted Features

Here is a short video on how to make sure you only build what users really need and want.

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October 29, 2018, by
No More Branches

Here is a short video on how to work with a single (master) branch in your source code repository.

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October 15, 2018, by
No More Environments

Here is a short video on how to move from traditional environments to a single environment of microservices with different maturity (versions).

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September 13, 2018, by
4 Key Focus Areas for a Smarter QA Strategy

4 Key Focus Areas The combination of Digital Transformation and customers’ zero tolerance to defects has put QA center-stage. Rapidly changing technology; mixed Big Data; complex Regulations; and Agile, DevOps and Cloud success in a complex IT and supplier landscape, require a smarter approach to development and testing.  It’s essential to more closely align the...

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