Tristan Renaud

Managing Service Manager | France

As a child, I wanted to be an inventor. I wanted to create things, machines, robots… As a teenager, I became passionate about computers, and started to program on an ATARI 520ST (for those who remember) in assembler. Then, after studying computer science, I started to work as a developer in foreign countries (Luxembourg and Denmark), then in France. I evolved from developer to team leader, then project manager. Last couple of years I had a lot of opportunities to get closer to the innovation and R&D world at Sogeti. First in 2016, I started to manage an R&D operation. Next, I had the chance to be a coach for the DéfiH contest: first in 2018 with the VRInterview team who wins the Technology Innovation prize, then with the Meshu team in 2019. Finally, I got missioned in 2019 in order to manage the Nantes SogetiLabs. Today I can proudly contribute to our R&D projects and to help our clients to innovate, with all my skills and knowledge: digital architect, Progressive WebApps, agility with SCRUM, Cloud, IoT… Eventually, I almost became an inventor!

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