Jordi Martinez Rodriguez

Data Scientist | Spain

I always like to start my biography by highlighting my scientific background. During my university years I studied the Biology Degree in the University of Barcelona. There, between animals and plants, I discovered my passion for data and the scientific method to solve problems through study and analysis. As the next step in my evolution as a scientist I studied a master’s degree in Bioinformatics and Biostatistics, where I discovered the field of programming and, more specifically, Machine Learning. It has now become my passion. Thanks to the opportunity that Sogeti offered me, I was able to apply all this acquired knowledge to projects with innovative goals, among which Cognitive QA was the flagship project. In CognitiveQA we developed a product able to apply, for the first time, artificial intelligence to the field of testing to improve and advise QA processes, becoming a recognized project at the international level. This experience in Testing has also allowed me to participate as a speaker in several events to explain how to advance the field through artificial intelligence. I am currently working within the innovation team in Sogeti Spain, developing integrative solutions in analysis systems, data visualization and machine learning for all kinds of clients. Finally, I do not want to leave out one of my core functions within the team, which is to train, advise and help to grow the new members that join the Sogeti family.