Johan Leidefors

Experience Designer | Sweden

At Sogeti most of my projects involves product design, UX and customer behavior. I always aim to be a good listener and an innovative problem solver, using my experience in graphic design and UX, I try stay open to an ever-changing and increasingly digital world. I’m a professional early adopter and communication generalist, with a passion for bringing ideas to life. With experience in visualization, graphic design, and marketing. I’m a restless knowledge explorer, right now my special interests are in AI but also XR. However, I already know that will change whenever “the next thing” arrives. I have studied Interaction Design and is certified in Design Thinking and Agile Project Management. I live in Husqvarna, on a hill next to a beautiful stream, with my wife Hanna and son Jason. In my spare time I like to be creative in the music studio. I have some songs on Spotify.

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