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June 8th, 2020, by
Do we know what our app is supposed to do?

Our success depends on the systems that we build and run. So, we need to be confident that these systems…

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May 12th, 2020, by
PWA: The default future of web?

What is Progressive Web Application? What are its features, benefits and how does it work? Find out.

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April 1st, 2019, by
Status of blockchain in 2019

Blockchain in 2019: Trends and the Future. Take a look here.

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April 10th, 2018, by
The Upside Down: How Social Media Warps Our Discourse

As a fan of science fiction, I recently watched (actually, I binged on) the second season of "Stranger Things", a…

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March 9th, 2018, by
Vlog on Gen Z: What IT Organizations Should Know About Their New Employees and Customers?

While Marije Splinter is doing her internships at VINT, she is performing literature research about Generation Z: the generation after…

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February 28th, 2018, by
Digital in 2018: The Call for Digital Happiness

We are only halfway through February but there already happened a lot of interesting events regarding digital happiness. Apple was…

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May 29th, 2017, by
Google Excited About Machine Learning, So Are We

If we do a quick word search on the opening keynote session of the recently held Google’s developer conference Google…

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March 7th, 2017, by
How and whom do you sell your attention online?

Our colleagues, clients, LinkedIn, and Facebook have one thing in common; they all ask for our attention. In these busy…

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February 22nd, 2017, by
Headless CMS in a Monolithic World

Why headless CMS? Perhaps you have heard of the headless (or “decoupled”) CMS. What's all the fuzz? Why, and –…

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November 24th, 2016, by
Edward Snowden: The Prisoner of Our Times

In my previous blog about Privacy in a connected world , I concluded that the meaning of privacy will be a…

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August 28th, 2015, by
The Unconnected – Life as an Analogitarian

What is life like for people who are not connected to the Internet, who do not use mobile? How do…

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August 26th, 2015, by
Holiday Shopping – How do e-Commerce Players Get Ready for the Mad Rush?

Why do e-commerce players need to prepare ahead? One of the fundamental aspects of e-commerce, and retail in general, is…

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