Real Fake

September 6th, 2022, by
Issue #79 – Real Fake Newsletter

An AI-Generated Artwork Won First Place, Where Do Memes Come From, Gen Z Statistics and Can An AI Win America's Got Talent?

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August 9th, 2022, by
Issue #76 – Real Fake Newsletter

The End of Social Media As We Know It, Algorithmic Fame and The Age of Algorithmic Anxiety

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August 2nd, 2022, by
Issue #75 – Real Fake Newsletter 

The Rise of Synthetic Media, Community Is The New Follower Count and The Metaverse Will Unleash Imagination

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July 19th, 2022, by
Issue #73 – Real Fake Newsletter

Real Fake is about how humans continuously manipulate reality and how new digital technology tools enable us to go one step further in this ancient game.

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July 12th, 2022, by
Issue #72 – Real Fake Newsletter – Building Communities, Token-Gating and The Avatar Economy

Building Communities, Token-Gating, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, Our Virtual Lives Are Real Lives and The Avatar Economy

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June 28th, 2022, by
Issue #70 – Real Fake Newsletter

YouTube Culture & Trends Report 2022, Can Virtual Reality Help Ease Chronic Pain and Are We Post-Platform?

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June 21st, 2022, by
Issue #69 – Real Fake Newsletter

TikTok Killed The Video Star, How TikTok Is Changing Marketing In The Music Industry And Beyond, The Rise of the Internet's Creative Middle Class and Value Creation in the Metaverse

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June 14th, 2022, by
Issue #68 – Real Fake 

Sentient AI, Luxury 3.0, TikTok Avatars, DALL-E, Barbie Enters The Metaverse and Johnny Depp Has Become a Full-Circle Meme

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June 7th, 2022, by
Issue #67 – Real Fake

White Noise Podcasts, Hologram Of Queen In Carriage, The Secret Language Of DALLE-2, How The ABBA Voyage Concert Changes Live Music Forever and He-Man As A 3D-Character

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May 31st, 2022, by
Issue #66 – Real Fake

Google’s Latest Text-To-Image AI, Beeple Got Hacked, Niantic Moves Beyond Games, Paris Hilton Is The Queen of the Metaverse and A Great Overview Of The Crypto Ecosystem And How To Move Forward

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May 17th, 2022, by
Issue #64 – Real Fake

New Realities, Amazon Remars, Virtual Human, The Hyper-Surveilled Office and Immersive View

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May 10th, 2022, by
Issue #63 – Real Fake

NFT Sales Are Flatlining, 7 Essential Ingredients Of A Metaverse, Imaginary Friend Created With AI and Birds Aren't Real

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