December 1st, 2022, by
[Podcast] Playing With Reality Podcast – Digital Twins

In what industries are Digital Twins most applicable? And how do you create a digital copy of a real life system with true fidelity? Find out on this week’s episode of Playing with Reality.

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September 14th, 2022, by
Technology Labs Podcast: The latest developments in SAP

In this episode, Pepijn Paap is our guest. Pepijn is Lead SAP/ERP Business Assurance Management Consultant & Test Master at Sogeti. He will tell us everything about the latest developments in SAP.

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January 5th, 2022, by
Podcast: The Trends in Test Automation

In this first podcast of an upcoming series, Jörg and Sven from SogetiLabs Germany look at the major developments influencing test automation in 2021.

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