Playing with Reality

December 21st, 2021, by
Issue #43 – Real Fake

The Great Bifurcation, The E-Sports Generation, Influencer Marketing In The Metaverse, NFTs in South Park, Shein Beats Amazon and Nike Aquires RTFKT

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December 14th, 2021, by
Issue #42 – Real Fake

Birds Aren't Real, The Matrix Awakens, Fan Tokens, Getting Married In The Metaverse, Digital Land Rush, Crypto-States And Great Protocol Politics

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December 7th, 2021, by
Issue #41 – Real Fake

Super Apps, Play To Earn, The Production Of Artificial Scarcity, Meme Stocks, Tech Visions For 2030, Adidas Enters The Metaverse, The Financialization of Everything And Is Web 3.0 Bullshit?

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November 30th, 2021, by
Issue #40 – Real Fake

Justin Bieber Goes Virtual, Kai From Splash, The Whitelist Game, The Token Disconnect, The Conspiracy Chart, The Rise Of Neo-Conglomerates and MrBeast Recreates A Real Life Version Of Squid Game. Probably Nothing.

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November 24th, 2021, by
Trailer Real Fake: Playing with Reality in the Age of AI, Deepfakes and the Metaverse

Trailer of our book Real Fake. Get on a rollercoaster of disinformation and media manipulation.

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November 23rd, 2021, by
Issue #39 – Real Fake

Bored Apes In Manhattan, Building The Next Disney, Racist Baby Ape NFTs, The Metaverse Is The Next Big Investment Theme, Crypto Crowdfunding Goes Mainstream And El Salvador Will Built A Bitcoin City

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November 16th, 2021, by
Issue #38 – Playing With Reality

Bored Apes Form A New NFT Super Group, How Fans are Becoming Millionaires, Drip Is The New Drop, Cryptopunks, Icelandverse, And Discord Is The Metaverse’s Natural Social Infrastructure

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November 10th, 2021, by
New book alert: Real Fake

A new SogetiLabs book has just been released: “Real Fake, playing with reality in the age of AI, Deepfakes and the Metaverse”

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November 9th, 2021, by
Issue #37 – Playing With Reality

The Metaverse Invaded Manhattan, Shiba Inu Coin Craze, Nike Files for ‘Virtual Goods’ Trademarks and Being Human In The Age of AI

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November 3rd, 2021, by
Issue #36 – Playing With Reality

Creator Manifesto, Productizing Reality and 2021 Will Be the Year of Fashion NFTs

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October 26th, 2021, by
Issue #35 – Playing With Reality

Playboy Rabbitars, Reddit's NFT Platform, Superplastic, Shelter TikTok and Algorithmic Amplification

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October 19th, 2021, by
Issue #34 – Playing With Reality

Book Real Fake, TikTok Tics, Future Wake, Voice Clone Steals 35 Million Dollars and Amplified Propaganda

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