Dynamic Architecture

February 9th, 2018, by
#IoTFriday E20 | Biomimicry

Add more biology to IoT. Looking at nature brings great solutions to the table. Nature had billions of years to do…

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November 17th, 2017, by
IOTFRIDAY E12 | Differentiate Between IoT Data Streams

https://youtu.be/7Z-BRgPcBDQ The value is in the data You might have heard this sentence many times. Generating and converting data is…

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January 30th, 2017, by
Is multi-dynamic architecture a binary trap?

During the past months, I have had many discussions with fellow architects about the topic of multi-dynamic architecture. Multi-dynamic architecture…

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December 4th, 2016, by
Microservices Architectures Are Here to Stay

Like many with me, I have considered microservices architectures just for a select few forerunners, like Netflix, PayPal, Uber, Twitter,…

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May 10th, 2016, by
Viv’s Secret Sauce: automating the automators

Dag Kittlaus co-created Siri and now he presented something better.  Yesterday at the Techcrunch Disrupt event he showed a life…

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March 2nd, 2016, by
Principle-based Architecture: What We Can Learn from the Regulatory World

Which is the better principle: all data exchange must be secure or all electronic messages must be encrypted by P2PE?…

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December 2nd, 2015, by
Multi-Dynamic Architecture: Dancing on Different Rhythms

About ten years ago, Sogeti introduced Dynamic Architecture (DYA). DYA was the start of the focus shift from blueprint architecture…

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