Digital Transformation

July 10th, 2023, by
Integration as the engine of the Digital Transformation

In this blog, we will highlight the importance of integration, its evolution and its key components, as well as the benefits it brings to enterprises undergoing digital transformation.

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June 30th, 2023, by
Agile solution delivery – Role of Agile & DevSecOps to speed up Digital Transformations

How do we achieve the momentum on the ground, technically, that would enable the business to take an idea and deliver it to customers quicker, amidst competition?

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June 5th, 2023, by
New EU regulations that are going to impact your secure digital transformation

Preparing for the regulations that affect your organization is crucial, and it's essential to ensure that your organization is ready to comply with them. Here is a list of regulations that could impact your organization in the coming years.

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May 11th, 2023, by
Top 5 SogetiLabs blogs from April 2023

Take a look at our most read and shared blog posts from April 2023.

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April 21st, 2023, by
Whitepaper – Accelerating Digital Transformation and Business Assurance for Communication Service Providers

This whitepaper elaborates on how to develop a reusable solution to accelerate digital transformation and business assurance for CSP’s by automating their use cases built on Tele Management Forum Open API Standards.

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October 14th, 2022, by
Digital transformations are not only about technology

What exactly is digital transformation? And above all, what are the success factors?

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April 29th, 2022, by
GitOps Primer

With the rise of cloud, cloud-native and a lot of other buzzwords, we also see the rise of all kinds of Dev(fill here)Ops practices. While I'm an avid advocate of the DevOps mindset, all the buzz around pipelines sounds old-school to me.

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March 4th, 2022, by
Architecture makes sense in digital transformations

Within Sogeti we are progressive, and we want to be and remain a leader. With Sensemaking Architecture, we present an innovative vision on architecture as part of DyA®. The goal of this vision is to ensure that Enterprise Architecture can continue to make an impact and contribute to successful digital transformations that deliver real value through technology. We make technology work!

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November 12th, 2021, by
How to organize agile teams for your Digital transformation journey

Delivering services to our clients, be it local or global is not something new. We have mastered how to deliver successfully within committed time, effort and quality, but there has been a shift in focus over past few years towards measurable business outcomes and value driven delivery.

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October 18th, 2021, by
How Technology and Data changed Commercial Property in the post Covid world.

Pandemic accelerated digital transformation across businesses. Overnight workforce moved remotely. Business and Consumer facing organization have rapidly digitized workflows and digital customer touchpoints have surged

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August 27th, 2021, by
Tips to accelerate Digital Transformation in the healthcare sector

On an average, approximately 270 GB of healthcare and life science data will be created for every person in the world in 2020.

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August 20th, 2021, by
Without a robust DataOps framework, you will soon be out

The evolution of traditional Business Intelligence towards Advanced Analytics is not only based on the ability to deal with the 3 Vs of Big Data - Velocity, Volume and Variety

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