Digital Happiness

January 21st, 2020, by
Presentation Menno van Doorn – The Future is already here and it is Synthetic

Menno is the Director of the Sogeti Research Institute for the Analysis of New Technology (VINT / SogetiLabs). In this video he will share the latest inspirational insights and findings of his research institute.

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January 14th, 2020, by
Presentation Stine Jensen – Notes on the Synthetic

Stine Jensen is a philosopher, writer and program maker for television shows. In this video she will break down ‘Synthetic’ and tell you all about the meaning of the synthetic times we live in.

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January 7th, 2020, by
Presentation Nell Watson – Augmenting the human heart & soul

In this video Nell Watson shares her unique vision on Sogeti’s Executive Summit ‘Utopia for Beginners’ and tell you how we go into an era in which we will augment the human heart and soul.

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December 31st, 2019, by
Presentation Shravan Thaploo – Augmenting our Brains

Shravan Thaploo is a young research scientist at Harvard Medical School specializing in neuroscience. He has a unique perspective on the development of neuro data and neuro consumer devices. In this video he will share his vision on Sogeti’s Executive Summit ‘Utopia for Beginners’.

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December 24th, 2019, by
Presentation Andrew Keen – Utopia for Beginners

Andrew Keen was among the earliest to write about the dangers of the Internet to our culture and society. In this video, he will share his vision on Sogeti’s Executive Summit ‘Utopia for Beginners’.

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December 17th, 2019, by
Presentation Sander Duivestein – Synthetic Data as the Holy Grail of AI

In this video, Sander Duivestein shares his latest inspirational research on the impact of AI: Synthetic Data is the Holy Grail of AI.

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December 10th, 2019, by
Presentation Koen Schobbers – The little big world of gaming and eports

Koen Schobbers has more than 10 years of experience as a professional esporter in the Trackmania racing game. In the next video, he will share his vision on Sogeti’s Executive Summit ‘Utopia for Beginners’.

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December 3rd, 2019, by
Presentation Carlota Perez – Our digital future

Silicon Valley venture capital firms take Carlota Perez's predictions as a guidance for their investments and we had the honor to have her on stage during our Executive Summit. In this video, she will share her vision on ‘Utopia for Beginners’.

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November 22nd, 2019, by
Presentation Professor Luciano Floridi – Onlife and Being Human in a Hyperconnected Era: What Utopia?

Is there something like a digital Utopia? Can technologies help us bring our ideas and purpose into reality? What does ‘profit for purpose’ mean anyway? At Sogeti’s Executive Summit Utopia for Beginners these questions were addressed by some highly acclaimed thinkers and visionaries.

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November 15th, 2019, by
Presentation: The changing form & shape of Power in Digital Society

Carl Miller, Research Director at the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media, talks at the 'Utopia for Beginners' summit about his view of power in a digital society.

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November 11th, 2019, by
‘Utopia for Beginners’ Summit ’19 Paris

Here’s a glimpse of the two thrilling days in Paris where 150 CxO's came together on the 'Utopia for Beginners' Summit to discuss the recent, and coming, developments in Tech.

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November 4th, 2019, by
Starting your happiness journey by building Utopia

We have reached the end of our digital happiness research series with the launch of our final report Utopia for Executives. I am excited about this. It brings closure to the digital happiness narrative we have developed, but in a very different format.

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