February 9th, 2018, by
#IoTFriday E20 | Biomimicry

Add more biology to IoT. Looking at nature brings great solutions to the table. Nature had billions of years to do…

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October 27th, 2017, by
#IoTFriday E09 | Artificial Intelligence Edition   Tom and Steven discuss the position of Artificial Intelligence within the IoT domain. On the World Summit AI…

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August 1st, 2017, by
Vlog: Hacking Happiness through Brain Machine Interfaces?

Social media, articles, and news are increasingly image and video based. To experiment with this trend I created a vlog…

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July 19th, 2017, by
Companies as Digital Happiness Engines

  Digital Happiness The degree in which someone judges positively on the contribution of digital technology to the experience of…

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June 19th, 2017, by
Integrity by Design: Making the Right Choices Easy

Technology and the data it generates offer tremendous opportunities for making the world better. But how do we prevent the…

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June 12th, 2017, by
The Right to (Digital) Happiness?

Since Homo Sapiens created fire it is entangled with technology. We used it to battle predators, diseases, and each other.…

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February 15th, 2017, by
Cyberpunk ’17 : Tech, the Homeless and the U.S.

Cyberpunk is a sub-genre of science fiction where there is a radical shift or change in the social order combined…

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December 6th, 2016, by
“The Unorganization” – New Research on Disruption

A new report from research institute SogetiLabs advocates “unorganizing” and four other concrete activities in order to monetize on the…

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May 10th, 2016, by
Viv’s Secret Sauce: automating the automators

Dag Kittlaus co-created Siri and now he presented something better.  Yesterday at the Techcrunch Disrupt event he showed a life…

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May 6th, 2016, by
McDonald’s interactive placemat

In the Netherlands, McDonald’s want you to make music while eating your Big Mac.The fast food chain in the country…

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April 5th, 2016, by
Infographic – Mastering Digital Disruption with DevOps

  This infographic contains the highlights of SogetiLabs report: 'Mastering Digital Disruption with DevOps', 2016.

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March 24th, 2016, by
New Report: Mastering Digital Disruption with DevOps

Today we're launching the closing piece of our research series on disruptive innovation: 'Mastering Digital Disruption with DevOps'. In the…

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