June 2nd, 2023, by
24X7 BOT – Monitoring & Repetitive Process for Managed Service

The purpose of this article is to introduce automation for L1.5 monitoring, 24x7 job failure, month-end close, and other operational support processes.

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March 23rd, 2023, by
The AI explosion to mainstream is coming… Are you ready?

This blog post is going to get old really fast. Probably, if you are reading this at the end of the year 2023, you are currently shaking your head and laughing.

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March 22nd, 2023, by
The QA Prompt Engineer – Outsmarting ChatGPT

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ve undoubtedly already heard about ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence chatbot from OpenAI.

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March 14th, 2023, by
 Issue #102 – Real Fake Newsletter

Navigating The Age Of Generative AI, ChatGPT And Large Language Model Bias, Use Of AI Generates Questions About The Future Of Art

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March 6th, 2023, by
ChatGPT as a new calculator for language

A student must understand how a text is structured and be able to analyze arguments.

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February 21st, 2023, by
Issue #99 – Real Fake Newsletter

Sentient AI, Selfpressionism and The Streaming Experience Of The Future

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January 26th, 2023, by
Issue #95 – Real Fake Newsletter

When Online Fandom Goes Too Far, Robert Pattison Deepfake, Kim Kardashian As A British Chav and What 2020’s Memes Meant For Online Culture

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January 12th, 2023, by
ChatGPT and I Write a Comedic Movie Plot

Since time travel isn’t here yet, I asked CGPT to write a funny movie plot about time travel for me.

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September 16th, 2022, by
QuESt – Sogeti’s Quality Engineering Status Bot

QuESt: Quality Engineering & Status Reporting Bot, is our live reporting solution that will help the project stakeholder like QA Directors and Managers for taking the right decision during the project execution.

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December 2nd, 2021, by
Vlog: Metahumans

Today we might view virtual humans as simple and immature applications, but we are confident that they will become a crucial part of our future

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November 1st, 2021, by
ChatOps solution with PowerPlatform

ChatOps is similar in the use of automation, but it is all about conversation-driven development. In other words, it uses chat as the first point of communication.

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April 15th, 2021, by
User communities build engagement and reduce cost

InSided user communities build engagement and reduce cost. In this TechTalk, Joleen van der Zwan interviews Kenneth Refsgaard.

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