November 13th, 2018, by
No More Unwanted Features

Here is a short video on how to make sure you only build what users really need and want. 165485

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October 31st, 2018, by
Where does Enterprise and Solution architecture fit?

Everybody knows that agile is not only the way to beat competition, or to deal with the faster evolution of…

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October 29th, 2018, by
No More Branches

Here is a short video on how to work with a single (master) branch in your source code repository. 165435

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October 26th, 2018, by
IoTFriday E39 | To gateway or not to gateway

Today we look at a mothership concept for IoT solutions that is not another gateway concept. Inspired by the book "Wired for War" by P.W. Singer (interesting read on robotics, drones and everything related) the mothership concept challenges our IoT architecture with less gateways.

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October 15th, 2018, by
No More Environments

Here is a short video on how to move from traditional environments to a single environment of microservices with different…

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October 4th, 2018, by
Service Oriented Architecture 4.0 (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this post about Service Oriented Architecture 4.0 the case for services was introduced, and different types…

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October 1st, 2018, by
No More Operations

Here is a short video on how to take operations to a minimal level with microservices and serverless. 164705

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September 21st, 2018, by
IoTFriday E37 | Your next product contains a distributed design

IoTFriday looks at the trend of dedicated chips. With the release of the new iPhones the Bionic A12 chip is…

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September 17th, 2018, by
The answer is still Q

A few years ago I worked as an acting chief architect for an organization, which started a new thinking journey…

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August 28th, 2018, by
Modern Mobile Experiences and Platforms

January 2007, the iPhone was announced, ten months later Android debuted their first version along with an early version of…

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August 22nd, 2018, by
Integrating Okta & Azure AD Domain joined devices

Lately, I have ran into several cases in which Okta is positioned as the IDaaS solution for Cloud applications. This…

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August 6th, 2018, by
Perceiving value from the productive Microsoft 365 Platform and Apps

This year, Microsoft Build 2018 developer conference was all around Microsoft 365 platform as it’s a complete integrated solution that…

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