The Internet of Things in Retail

IoT in RetailThe Internet of Things (IoT) in Retail has been redefining the buying and selling experience for decades.  Remember when bar code scanners first arrived in our local stores speeding the checkout process? Or the first time we entered a credit card number into our browser to make an online purchase? Or the moment we became both customer and clerk as we checked ourselves out at a register? The Internet of Things has actually changed the course of the retail business. No wonder then that investment in the Internet of Things in the worldwide retail industry is expected to hit $37.6 billion and is expected to grow 20-35% per year over the next several years.

Today retail is synonymous with handheld devices that empower the customer and the retail associate. These devices and digital signs on shelves and walls provide a truly mobile experience and allow dynamic pricing, personalized coupons, and purchases anywhere in the store. Both buyers and sellers have easier access to up-to-the minute product, pricing, inventory and competitive information. And that’s a huge transformation in the retail value chain. Sogeti has helped

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Expert Talk: Peter Norvig (Google) on Machine Learning and AI interaction

Today in our video section: Peter Norvig, Director of Research (formerly Director of Search Quality) at Google Inc. We spoke with Norvig about machine-learning, instant translation and the human-computer relationship.

“Creating the right answers seems to be better than waiting for somebody to tell you the right answers.”


Machine learning: from extrapolating on answers to creating them

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Expert Talk: Steven Baker on Watson and human-machine interaction

Today in our video section: Steven Baker, former BusinessWeek writer and author of Final Jeopardy and The Numerati. 

“We lack humility. Watson in that sense can teach us a lot, because we could learn a lot by questioning the very premises that we take for granted.”

“We have to look at Watson’s weakness and move into areas where the machines are weak”

Watson as methodology – humility to be wrong

The Watson Project – making sense of unstructured data

Machine analysis is just another layer of human analysis