Expert Talk: Peter Norvig (Google) on Machine Learning and AI interaction

Today in our video section: Peter Norvig, Director of Research (formerly Director of Search Quality) at Google Inc. We spoke with Norvig about machine-learning, instant translation and the human-computer relationship.

“Creating the right answers seems to be better than waiting for somebody to tell you the right answers.”


Machine learning: from extrapolating on answers to creating them

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Expert Talk: Steven Baker on Watson and human-machine interaction

Today in our video section: Steven Baker, former BusinessWeek writer and author of Final Jeopardy and The Numerati. 

“We lack humility. Watson in that sense can teach us a lot, because we could learn a lot by questioning the very premises that we take for granted.”

“We have to look at Watson’s weakness and move into areas where the machines are weak”

Watson as methodology – humility to be wrong

The Watson Project – making sense of unstructured data

Machine analysis is just another layer of human analysis