Thierry Dolmière

R&D Innovative Projects Coordination | France

Thierry Dolmière is a graduate in engineering physics instrumentation. He has been working on simulation projects since 2006. He’s now in charge of R&D innovative projects coordination in Toulouse, France. In the meanwhile, he has an Image & Signal Processing Master degree. He worked with the GIPSA lab (INPG Grenoble) and applied his knowledge for helping the lab to validate image & signal processing algorithms using physiological approach. Along its internships, he also helps SPOT Image to automate their satellite optical calibration process. Then, as a Physics Engineer, he was in charge of developing and validating new train simulator models for Indian Railways, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (India), Transnet & Prasa (South Africa) Corporations. Since 2011 he has integrated the Sogeti Group, he was dedicated to lead teams in charge of integrating and sustaining Airbus aircrafts simulation means and is now involved in the R&D Workshop activities coordination.

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