Rob van Geloven

Software Architect | Netherlands

Working since 2013 for Sogeti, Rob van Geloven had the privilege having a job doing what he loved best: working with software. He started out as a developer and have since had many roles: lead developer, scrummaster, coach, teacher, (interim) manager and last but not least my current role as software architect. As a software architect, he acted as a sparring partner for customers to help streamline their requirements and wishes into a coherent software design including technical (software) standards, tools and platforms. Always striving to deliver a simple solution to often complex problems, he also offers advice and helps customers implement software development processes and help fit new software into their existing infrastructure. Rob takes a special interest in, among other things, distributed (cloud) applications, (cyber-)security, IoT, coaching, teaching and software and enterprise design

Posts by Rob van Geloven

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