Juho Saarinen

Test Manager | Finland

Juho Saarinen joined Capgemini Group, more specifically Capgemini Finland, at the end of 2007 as an analyst tester. He was moved to Sogeti Finland when it was established at 2010, and has advanced from Analyst to Manager responsible of testing tools, test automation and agile portfolio. Juho has been collecting testing experience also before joining the group at Finnish telecomminucation company Radiolinja (later Elisa) where he tested CRM, billing system and network manager while there was renewal of these systems going on at mobile subscription/customer side. At Capgemini group Juho’s deep understanding about technology has been valuable asset, and allowing to put him in various kind of projects including traditional testing, server maintenance, automation (both testing and deployment), performance testing and even writing production code. In educational perspective Juho is Master of Science, with major computational physics and with minors theretical physics and mathematics.

Posts by Juho Saarinen

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