Benoit Wilcox

Agile Applicative Architect | France

Benoit Wilcox has been working in IT for 12 years, occupying different positions such as developer, integrator, technical manager and architect, dealing with a large range of technologies which has given him a rich and heterogeneous culture (Java, .Net, functional languages, scrum master, SIG). For 3 years he’s been focused on Agile methods integration in companies, aiming at accompanying people and projects all along their transformation towards agile methods and to ensure the agile architecture of a project. Besides his role as an applicative architect, his expertise also reaches the Scrum and XP methods and, in more technical terms, all developments lead by tests and behaviors (TDD, BDD) as well as ongoing integration. Benoit is passionate about his work. He contributes to several projects i.e., Telosys Tools, Virtual Brown Paper and runs a personal blog around development and agile.  

*Opinions expressed on this blog reflect the writer’s views and not the position of the Sogeti Group