Andrew Winn

National Solutions Architect – DevOps | United States

Andrew Winn joined Sogeti as a Solutions Architect in the beginning of 2015.  During his tenure with Sogeti, he has been asked to and has joined both the DevOps and Cloud Leadership Teams, making significant contributions to both.  Additionally, he has been recognized for his contributions to the new DevOps initiative within Sogeti and has been asked to fulfil the role of National Solutions Architect – DevOps. Andrew brings with him technical competencies in multiple technical areas, including Big Data / Map-Reduce infrastructure, Big Data Search, cloud technologies (both Azure and AWS), software development (multiple languages), and database architecture (including Data Warehousing). Andrew brings an MBA from a prestigious program, with concentrations in International Business and Finance.  Andrew also has extensive leadership experience in the IT field, managing everything from cross-functional teams to teams of software developers.  Andrew has spent his IT career gaining widespread knowledge of computer software design and implementation, leading to a very pragmatic approach.

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