Whitepaper: DevSecOps – Integrating security with DevOps


What is DevSecOps?

  • Integrating DevOps + Security=DevSecOps.
  • The goal of DevOps is to give development teams more ownership in deploying and monitoring their applications by automating infrastructure provisioning and deployment of the application in a faster way and ship higher quality product.
  • Adding security to this same automation is the goal of DevSecOps. Companies should create strong
    • Security policies and standards without slowing down the development process.
  • Security has to be an integral part of the DevOps process and automated to not slow down the DevOps process.
  • Implementing DevSecOps means creating a “security as code” culture, where security is integrated within all phases of SDLC Lifecycle and DevOps practices- Keeping regulations and security top of mind while maintaining speed, agility and the innovation needed to stay ahead of cyberattacks.   

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Vivek Kumar Singh


Vivek Kumar Singh is a SharePoint Architect and DevOps Engineer with more than 10 years of diversified experience in Information Technology in MS SharePoint Consulting, Project Lead, Pre-Sales, Solution architect and building Vertical Industry Solutions on SharePoint Platform. Successfully built and grown new practices around MS SharePoint Services. Extensive experience in building cloud-based SharePoint offerings and SAAS solutions to mid-market and enterprise customers.

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