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May 29, 2023, by
Accelerate your Connected Car Journey with Sogeti’s Quality Engineering

Connected car mobile applications are becoming popular. End customer feedback & experience is a priority. Ease of operations and simplicity of usage are of prime importance.

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May 26, 2021, by
Technology Labs podcast: Reality / Virtual Humans

Menno van Doorn is the guest in this episode of Technology Labs. He talks about the new book "playing with reality"

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May 17, 2021, by
Issue #11 – Playing With Reality – The Metaverse 🚀🔮🌟

In this week’s newsletter we look at some of the initiatives that are now happening in the metaverse.

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October 30, 2020, by
How technology is resolving supply chain challenges for the healthcare industry in times of COVID-19

Blockchain is enabling suppliers to establish new relationships with buyers based on trust, transparency and efficiency.

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July 20, 2020, by
Assess how technology shapes your organizational positive impact

For people to embrace technology as a tool for positive impact, they need to understand its potential first. From their own point of view and within the context of their very own organization.

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April 2, 2020, by
Modern Hardware for Mobile Workers

As one of the global system integrators that provides workplace modernization for enterprise customers, we help organizations update their work environments, modernize applications, migrate systems to cloud for global availability and replace user endpoints with the latest OS updates and hardware.

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December 16, 2019, by
Premium customer experience with AI

AI is at the core of the digital transformation that is improving the economics and capabilities of all aspects of business, including customer service. AI can help complete repetitive, predictable tasks — or take over those tasks completely — and interact with customers autonomously to add value.

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July 26, 2019, by
Machine Learning: An Introduction

Artificial Intelligence is a technique which allows the machines to act like humans by replicating their behavior. Artificial Intelligence makes it possible for the machines to learn from their experience.

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June 13, 2019, by
Power of knowledge augmentation with Collaborative Intelligence – Application to Connected Vehicles

Upon understanding the science of Collaborative Intelligence and its potential benefits in previous article, its interesting to understand illustration of the same with real life example. Here we discuss one such incidence and thereby application of collaborative intelligence based on the HAWDI platform – Our platform for Collaborative Intelligence.

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April 30, 2019, by
DevOps Oriented Test Architecture

Test architecture set up correctly: Practical report on the efficient testing of agile software products with a high degree of automation

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December 6, 2018, by
Innovation Accelerator – Smart Dashcam (Part 3)

The Innovation Accelerator is a design-centric corporate accelerator to empower a scalable and sustainable operating model for enterprise innovation that delivers rapid business value in the form of innovative products, services and solutions. The Accelerator offers the following: Innovative Service Delivery and Capabilities Integrated Innovation Operating Model in the Enterprise Power of Sogeti Global Design...

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September 12, 2018, by
6 ways to outperform the Competition with Connected Products

With more and more organizations using the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect devices, systems, physical objects, and data, how do you ensure that your investment in connected products really does give you an edge over the competition? It appears that, despite their promise, a vast majority of IoT projects are non-starters in that they...

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June 13, 2018, by
IoT – The Way to Modern Industries

It’s a recurring fact that heavy industry relies on proven aging solutions and often disregards « new and hyped » technologies.  Over the past few years, IoT was considered promising in this field because it is relying on something, people that live in constrained environment know: hardware. Using this familiarity IoT entered industries by the R&D doors,...

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March 23, 2018, by
#IoTFriday E24 | Virtual Engineering and Testing

This week we visited the ESEF and Technishow seminar. A great overview of robotic arms, metal working robots, material science, additive manufacturing and related technology was on display. We had a great time looking through all the showcases. I got the privilege of speaking on the topic of virtual engineering and testing. A lot of...

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February 2, 2018, by
#IoTFriday E19 | The human factor in IIoT

People in industrial environments are a big part of the processes that lead to products coming out of a factory or delivering a parcel to your doorstep. Optimising processes in an industrial environment is one aspect of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The last episode of #IoTFriday gave the introduction to the IIoT. Connecting people...

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January 30, 2018, by
Digital, the “Next Big Thing” in Manufacturing Industries – Discussion with Pascal Brosset, CTO Capgemini – Digital Manufacturing

Today the complexity of production technologies is increasing and the variety of products is exploding. First and maybe an obvious question: How is this impacting the way industries are working? “Industry 4.0” is no more an option: this is happening. The question is how to transform the promises held out by upcoming technologies like 3D,...

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January 9, 2018, by
Quantifying (Digital) Happiness

We live in a world where people are obsessed with their own happiness. A natural consequence of this is that happiness is increasingly being expressed through social media, like Instagram and Facebook, and specific review sites, such as Savvy job seekers rely on Glassdoor, and B2B marketers and customers go to B2B review platforms...

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October 30, 2017, by
Ensure Digital Happiness

Focusing on the customer experience (as discussed in Focus on the Customer) is important in creating good digital solutions, but we can take it even further by ensuring the digital happiness of your customers. It’s about going beyond them being satisfied with they way your products and services work, and into making them feel that...

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October 10, 2017, by
Semantic Technologies: The Next Step of AI

Technological trends, like nutritional and fitness fads, often come and go in waves. A new trend appears on the horizon and before you know it, it’s everywhere, repeated endlessly till it’s robbed of all meaning and context and becomes just another buzzword. Then, just as suddenly as it starts, it recedes into the background, replaced...

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September 19, 2017, by
Automation over Processes

In my (IT) business (and many others) there has been a lot effort in defining rigorous methodologies, and also a lot of focus on processes. In contrast, cross-functional autonomous teams communicate and act instead of spending too much time on either planning or following a complex process. The autonomous team actually remove

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