Internet of Things

February 27, 2019

IOT vs Edge vs Fog Computing

IoT vs Edge vs Fog Computing: What’s the difference?


March 5, 2019

Future with Permanent Web: Decentralized storage for all

Data privacy has become the biggest concern for cloud storage. In this article, we will explore the alternatives and possible solutions to this problem.

App Design

February 18, 2019

Streaming Object Detection on a Raspberry Pi

Streaming object detection demo of the Intel Movidius Neural Compute Stick. Running on a Raspberry Pi.


March 20, 2019

What has (test) automation ever done for me?

Functional test automation is nothing new, but yet people shy away from adapting it. It could be because the perception is that it is just not efficient or that their application does not cater for it.

Machine Intelligence

March 12, 2019

Explainable AI – Transforming AI into Competitive Business Differentiator

As AI expands into areas with major impacts on humans, like medical diagnosis, the military, recruitment decisions and policing, it becomes increasingly vital for AI to ‘explain’ why it has reached a particular decision.


February 22, 2019

DevOps: The Death of Testers

The future of testers is in defining and governing quality processes, and in employing technology to industrialize our old, manual ways. This post predicts that DevOps might be the death of testing as we know it.

Big Data and Analytics

October 26, 2018

IoTFriday E39 | To gateway or not to gateway

Today we look at a mothership concept for IoT solutions that is not another gateway concept. Inspired by the book "Wired for War" by P.W. Singer (interesting read on robotics, drones and everything related) the mothership concept challenges our IoT architecture with less gateways.


June 15, 2018

#IoTFriday E33 | In code we trust

We visited the conference #VINT2018 "In code we trust". Inspiration and great discussions on a hot topic at the moment: trust. Trust in products around us, trust in the governances using digital solutions for us, trust in data.In todays #IoTFriday we discus the day and talk to our VINT colleague Pepijn Pepping on the topics to come.


February 25, 2019

The ecosystem is the new organization

The ecosystem is the new organization - Sociological and psychological thresholds are crucial.