Vivien LEGER

Delivery Manager | France

Early passionate in IT and electronics Vivien starts on its brother PC at the age of 7 and discover the joy of MSDOS6. Time pass and its dedication to anything computer related brings him to build its first desktop computer by himself at the age of 11 and starts some basic programming in C. After much time playing with microprocessors and tennis, he follows what he had always loved, and enter an engineering school where he chose a specialization in Realtime Embedded System Architecture. Arianespace welcomes him for its first internship on Kourou’s site (CSG: Centre Spatial Guyanais) where he successfully automatizes the revalidation process of the lunch table by shrinking it from 3 weeks to 10 minutes. Coming back to France October 2011, he starts a mission as a subcontractor for Thales Airborne System - Brest to refactor all the Basic Software of the MELTEM & EAU Programs (Maritime surveillance). As the mermaids of the space industry still song in his hears he joins Thales Alenia Space in August 2012, were he works on real time test benches for the Iridium-Next program also as a sub-contractor. He is employed by Thales Alenia Space 10 month later as Test Benches Design Authority. The three following years will be dedicated to the complete redefinition and reconstruction of the Test Benches architecture based on Iridium REX. As big organization goes the department in which he works undergoes a reorganization and Vivien is sent to the Innovation – Research and Development department where he will work on different subject like test benches of the future, but mainly Realtime on board software subjects in collaboration with ESA and the CNES. Most of his time is dedicated on the edition of a project with the IRT (Institut de Recherche Technologique), and his sons. The project aims at providing a new on-board computer based on COTS processors. In the meantime, Vivien is project manager for both O3B-Block 3 EGSE (Electrical Ground System Equipment) project and MTG (Metaset Third Generation) Avionic Test Bench. He joins SOGETI HIGH TECH early 2018 as a Delivery Manager, more eager than ever to involve himself in new challenges.